Human Frequency – EP

Intelligent Animal Minds - Human Frequency


Jag tänker
jag tänker mig dig;
att du är som jag tror du är

Mother Battery

You’re feeling tired all the time
so let your consciousness arise
leaving the worries on the ground
sinking deeper

Warning, I think we have a breach
someone has placed some sympathies
in the machinery

Thought Action

Inner spirit, outer realm
mind controlling behavioural self
a process of thought, with a consequence
morphing itself through our previous existence
Superconnecting eachothers experience
creating everything there is
everything there is
everything there is
everything there is

Are we creating everything there is,
or are we destroying what is left?

What I see is what there is
and what i feel is what there is
what we do: is that all there is
and what i feel: is that all there is?
Is that all there’s to it, and what we destroy?
Is that all there is or could there be something more?
to what I see and what I can feel
to what I feel and what I can see

Wonderous world my action see
deliver your response to me
so i can process your response
and send back to you a different one

(You also stay the same, transforming through another day)


Pictures from a scene, in which I seem to behave like the brave
my emotions saying Petrus, but my actions screaming Judas
please read me like an open book, then rip my pages
burn all that’s shitty, crash those houses in my city
You think I’m talking about myself but hey that’s not the case
this is all about you, not what you say but what you do

Please forgive me and sing me the words from my speech
Start to believe me and help me practice what I preach
Please forgive me and sing me the words

(la, la, la…)

The trip goes on and it looks way too long, I’m throwing
all my clothes appearing naked like a cat, all you dogs who are
meant to be my friends, stop waving with your tails, I’ve done nothing bad
and even if I did, I didn’t understand
So fucking don’t bark at me go bite somebody else’s hand

Please forgive me and bring me the hands I can’t reach
Stop, believe me and help me practice what I preach
Please forgive me and bring me the hands


So long son, don’t you be scared
A skip isn’t such a bad dive away from loss
Comfort come, with all burned phrases
Primeval forest drawn on breathing bark
As for all those promises that slipped
A few leaves fell to green

It’s so harsh boy to feel so small
It grows within me I wander with great hunger
Feed I can not do without to chew my thoughts in murkiness
By a frozen ground

Son of present, as grabbed by the pride of a horse
with the periphery standing tall, as you breath width, life
neither the shade of autum’s fading bite
nor a fade of a hazy wraith climbs to get shade
Meet me at the coma, by the sun (by the sun)

In this mere trek, until you bring the
first light of dawn upon naked ground
Will infinity acquire me
Whom hides within an
alas so fragile shell


Tentatively the leafs of an asp trembles
yet to hold on vulnerably aware
of a sudden fall towards rugged soil
So long son of a leaf’s serenity

Before the Mess – Singel

Intelligent Animal Minds - Before the Mess

Christ Before the Mess

Christmas is here, but I can’t feel it
But I do feel the fear, and I can see it
Santa is real and
Jesus was born, it all makes sense
but it’s all, getting torn

Stray along the windows in the shopping mall
Beside me stands a christamas tree
gracefully tall

So many things we all seem to need
so little time

Cooking for the hungry, but the only thing we feel
when buying 2 for 1, is just business men’s greed
there’s nothing wrong with christmas gifts but
don’t forget to bless everyone around you

And put Christ before the mess
Christ before the mess
Before the mess

M/S Hope – Demo EP

Intelligent Animal Minds - M/S Hope

M/S Hope

Ok, let’s float away
Just leave the troubles on the shore
And maybe we can find what we’ve been searching for
Don’t you feel the relief?
The magical wonderland
is right outside your door

But in the cabin at night, in the shadows
snakes are lurking in the dark
And in the cabin at night darkness conquers
Swallowed by deep see in your dream

And the sun rises again
For Mary and her newfound friend
Darkness of night all washed away by the night
Ignoring the temporary
of this floating sanctuary
she had found something soothing, something pure

But in the cabin at night alarming sound awakes you from your sleep
And in the cabin at night darkness conquer
A nightmare turn reality


Why, why, why me?
Is this really what I’m supposed to be
From ashes to burning
desire, then into the fires of
god knows what
So why would you claim me this way
didn’t know that I wanted to stay
at least not this much
So many possible exit points
and this seems to be the chosen one

There’s too much light fading away
on this sinking ship
Too many visions drowned in the sea

So the final violins
have started to play
an elephants shout
won’t help us now
Everywhere familiar voices
but they’re all in a different tone
The despair
is in everyone’s eyes

There’s too much light fading away
on this sinking ship
Right as the dream was taking a shape
it is washed away
Enlightened but frightened I sail for the bottom of me

île des Rêves

I am awake
water and sand
Don’t know what’s real
and what is fake
Before my eyes a foreign land
where strange things
seems to grow
The animals don’t look the same
as the animals I’ve seen before
I’m feeling light and insecure
something in hear
They seem to walk towards me

The magic
The spirit
We love it
Let’s praise it
Can’t touch it
Just feel it
île des Rêves

Sing along with us
(La-la-la-la la-la-la-la)
Where the mew????
I know it’s strange
We feel it too
We sit down
And grab a spoon
dinner is served
Come on let’s dance until noon


Present focus
down below the passing waves
Not a single cloud
just the eternal sun
Looking among the epiphany sounds
I can finally hear it
the endless singing
The fortune, the pleasure

held my life all too shallow
Now to find in my right
A lotus carried by
the shining bird of naked limbs

And in my left the unconsciousness washes all away
With the pain and the fiction
of a spirit gone
I got my perfect tale
embraced by this trial, this island
In the deep sea
My mind may rest
But now I forever dance

With the people who saved me
from dark frightening dreams
Distant shouts no longer haunting me
A golden bond tied around the trees

We breath within Marys spoken word
And we’ll guide you through this island
And Mary, you are our ship
Our hope, the sunset and the dawn